Raised in beautiful tropical rainforests, Grace grows up on a farm with many animals, from horses to cows and even pigs. Grace always enjoys her special relationship with the animals and her gift of knowing when and if something is wrong.

When her father invites the “pig man” to work on the farm, things begin to change. Grace feels that the pig man is no good, and she is threatened with the possibility of losing her beloved farm and her instinctual connection with the animals. Soon, a black horse with red eyes appears that only Grace can see, making her frightened.

Grace’s kind grandpa mentions a woman named Maree, who is rumored to help people find things they have lost, and Grace knows what she must do. She sets out with her beloved horse, Pepper, to find Maree and the answers she seeks. This journey takes Grace to unfamiliar places, where she discovers new friends and makes her way to the Golden Mountain for the key to uncovering her true self.